Orlando, Fla. Wakeboarding is a sport built on constant progression. And in 2012, the sport’s elite professional circuit, the King of Wake series, will look to take wakeboarding to the next level with addition of two new rails. Series organizer World Sports & Marketing announced today its partnership with UNIT Parktech, who will construct two uniquely designed floating apparatus that will be used during competition at all eight stops of the King of Wake’s 2012 season.

“We’re stoked to be working with UNIT Parktech on this project,” said tournament director Chris Bischoff. “UNIT has designed some of the world’s most innovative rails, and now they’re helping our riders push the limits of the sport. Fans and riders will both be pumped on these new rails.”

UNIT Parktech is fabrication company that specializes in custom-built apparatus for both snow and water sports. The German-based manufacturer will create both a 65-foot Pipe rail and a 70 ft. Funbox.

Both plastic welded HDPE rails were developed by wakeboarders and approved by wakeboard associations.

“The goal was to design a rail that is safe and approachable from both sides,” said UNIT Parktech’s Pat Panakos. “Thanks to our high manufacturing standard, the UNIT Parktech HDPE rails are strong enough even with the massive boat wake.”

Both apparatus will be unveiled at the King of Wake’s 2012 season-opening event on April 11-14 in Orlando, Fla.

To learn more about UNIT Parktech or to see their designs, visit unit-parktech.com

For more information about the King of Wake series, visit KingofWake.com.

About UNIT Parktech

UNIT Parktech has specialized in the construction of wakepark and snowpark features. The company’s staff consists of snowboarders, wakeboarders and engineers that have been working intensely on new solutions since the mid-90s. The snowpark and wakepark features vary greatly from other construction methods. This way, UNIT Parktech can offer solid park elements made from HD-PE. The kicker, rails and signature features are of light weight, extremely temperature and UV-resistant and designed by the UNIT Parktech Professional Team. Today, right around 100 ski-areas and wakeboard cables worldwide are happy to use technology and products from UNIT Parktech.
More about UNIT Parktech: www.unit-parktech.com.

About King of Wake

The King of Wake is the world’s elite pro wakeboarding series, attracting the sport’s top athletes from throughout the globe. Over the course of a season, athletes compete for the ultimate wakeboarding crown in a series points race of eight events throughout the United States to see who rules the wake. The 2012 series consists of the Wake Games, the WWA National Championships, the WWA World Championships and all five stops on the Pro Wakeboard Tour. The King of Wake is organized by World Sports & Marketing – the leading wake-events producer since 1988.


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