That's right, La Paz Mexico definately does NOT SUCK! I'm hesitant to claim "the best trip ever", but any trip where you say the word "ever" at least once an hour is bound to be a winner. To be honest, I really have no idea how I ended up here? I guess you could say that riding for body glove has its perks, because somehow I am now on a dive trip with the PADI organization in which were are diving with seals and whales, along with surfing and wakeboarding. The mission of the trip is to dive with the largest creature in the sea…the whale shark. Today was a practice dive A.K.A. “get comfortable in the water” dive, which in reality ended up being a blue whale chasing, dolphin herding, swimming with seals sort of extravaganza, all of which were firsts for myself. It’s pretty crazy hanging out with two of the best pro surfers in the world (Alex Gray and Holly Beck) as we embark on a diving fiasco to discover the greatest beast of the sea. I have to be honest here, this morning’s boat ride was the most incredible I have ever experienced. The water is as clear as a bottle of fiji, and the sights are incredible. We explored a cave and other crevas’ and cliffs among the shores of La Paz, swam with seals, and saw a record amount of barracuda. Scuba is incredible! I don’t know what to say at this point other than goodnight, because tomorrow we are waking up early to wakeboard, spot whale sharks from a sea plane, and then GO DIVE…Farewell! Until manana! Adios mi amigos!