August 16th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

What happens when you have an iconic team and a fresh brand and put them all in a new playground? Well, we won’t really know the complete answer to that question for a while. But for now we have a first look at the lake, some of the toys and some of the boys. Enjoy.

11 Responses to “Lake Ronix – First Looks”

  1. trickskiing Says:

    Smiegle strikes again!

  2. chad Says:

    No Ruck or Rossiter? Seems like they’d be all over that set up. Can’t wait to see more

  3. Juju Says:

    Keenan freaking rips!!!! He’s a freak on boat and cable!!

  4. Andy Harris Says:

    b-rad should put that double tantrum to blind!!

  5. baws Says:

    How many double flips and 1080’s does this man need to do before he gets a pro module!? give it up for Smeeeeeegs!!!

  6. Steve Gould Says:

    wakeboarding is legit

  7. legit Says:

    Ruck? Haha rossiter shreds but keenan just killed the whole ronix team with that ts 180 to 3onto the pipe…underrated kid.

  9. future Says:

    Bradley killing as always!

  10. Jeff Mathis Says:

    yeahhhhhh prattdawg.

  11. Paul Maguire Says:

    Yeah Brad ripping my brudda! Get back out there and put in some more work, the boys are hungry!


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