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As you are probably aware it is still quite cold in England but the boys have still been managing to get out ad ride a little bit. CK Koester, Dec Clifford and Lou Floyd took a few laps round JBski. This was the outcome..

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5 Responses to “Laps 1.1: JB Ski”

  1. dann Says:

    yikes!! is this a rail amature hour

  2. Kyle Says:

    is anyone else sick of every rail hit being a nose press or tail press?? it is so monotonous

  3. The Dude Says:

    They riding in England in the winter…? What the hell do you want from them? Why can’t you guys ride as good as Tom Fooshe? Gawd!?! Maybe just.. Maybe they don’t put in 250 days of riding a year. Ever thought of that…? Maybe they are having fun…? Which I hear is a rare thing in main stream wakeboarding these days. You tools are haters. If you have nothing good to say than maybe you should keep it to yourself. Just a thought.

  4. The Dude Says:

    BTW! Good ripping! Nose press that shizz out boyz! Classic trick, goes down smooth every time.

  5. W3ST SID3 Says:

    Nothin like a bunch of comments from jack wads who probably can’t ride worth a…
    But hey to those that put out the effort to ride in this, good riding!


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