April 14th, 2013 by Submitted

We headed down to BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas to meet up with Graeme Burress and film on the Cable and new Bi-level Feature that has just been completed. Check out what went down over the 10 day trip. Big thanks to BSR Cable Park, Stuart Parsons, and Anthony Ruch for making it possible.
Filmed and Edited by: Jamie Allender/ 

17 Responses to “Laps at BSR with Graeme Burress”

  1. FlipDSK Says:

    Dude kills it

  2. Andy Trimble Says:

    Graeme thats sick! Good job bud

  3. texas Says:

    wa wa wee wow!! bangers throughout!

  4. TheSpangler Says:


  5. Turbo Says:

    So aggressive!!!! Looking forward to riding with this fool soon!

  6. Derek Says:

    That transfer at the end! WHAT?!?

  7. pete Says:


  8. Johnnie Says:

    crazy switchups!

  9. CollinHarrington Says:

    Sick vid. I’ll be there a few times in May. This just got me fired up to go shred BSR.

  10. Guenther Says:

    Graeme= best rail rider ever

  11. chad Says:

    Best cable rider there is. Love the hurricanes and that gap to backlip was the poop.

  12. illtypemoves Says:

    your shredding will soon summon the water gods, dont you worry texas, its a comin ! ! !

  13. Sim Says:

    It takes a lot to impress me these days, but that did.

  14. pickles Says:

    Ya Graeme! such an unreal rail rider!!

  15. Zach Novak Says:

    Rail rider of the year?

  17. Reagan Says:

    Better then anything Shredtown has ever done. Keep killin it dude! Don’t move back! Stay in Waco!


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