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Keenan Allen, born in North Carolina but now calls Florida home, takes a few laps around the good ol’ OWC in Orlando. Enjoy the shred!

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5 Responses to “Laps with Keenan Allen”

  1. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    ya keenan! so sick!

  2. Wesley Jacobsen Says:

    Throw them dag gon hammers bo! yewwww

  3. 420blaze Says:

    Sickkk mustanggggg yaaa american muscleeee

  4. ok Says:

    zeach fest / zeachy bizness

  5. W3StCOAsT Says:

    Zeach??? Take the letters Z E A C H off your keyboard and slap your self with them. Sick of keyboard heros calling this out, it’s like calling someone out on a crooked method vs a flat method. It’s all in the persons riding get over it.

    On a lighter note sick riding, editing and music guys


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