April 6th, 2011 by Patrick Wieland
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Lately with Robert Sichel. Big things to come from Robert in the future keep an eye out for this guy.

Lately with Robert Sichel. Big things to come from Robert in the future keep an eye out for this guy.

21 Responses to “Lately: Robert Sichel”

  1. al Says:

    huminoids are sick

  2. rax Says:

    Humanoids aarrre siiiiicckk

  3. w8kr Says:

    humanoids look hella dope i wanna get one!

  4. Trever Maur Says:

    YA BOB!!! dope video and riding is SOOOO SICK! haha

  5. andrew Says:

    i like the song.

  6. Claes Says:

    Fever Ray – Triangle walks (rex the dog edit)?

  7. Patrick Wieland Says:

    ding ding on the song

  8. kaesen suyderhoud Says:

    BOB IS DOPE! yeah bob!!!

  9. Adrock Says:

    Humanoids kill!!

  10. Mike Says:

    I’m not trying to hate at all.
    But for reals… I don’t get it. This should have been amateur hour.
    Maybe it’s just me but all I saw were sad 3’s and lucky 5’s.
    I won’t discount the back 7 I guess.
    I got a friend thats 15 that can 5 off a roller better…
    Whatever, wakeboarding is cool however it’s done.

  11. Reeder Says:


    please show me an amateur hour that looks like that video just did.

  13. Booze Says:


    I’m sorry, I don’t know what you want to see from a video that a pro rider puts up… Do you want them to hit double ups the whole time, or maybe just try 9’s and 10’s and do a bunch of moby dicks? Bob’s got some unreal style, and he’s an awesome dude, so when you show me a 15 year old that’s that steezy, and that fluid, I’ll be impressed, but until then, show a little love instead of being so damn critical.

  14. hmmm Says:

    sick HS back 7, HUMANOID!

  15. MikesAhater Says:

    Humanoids are ill and so is Bob, real smooth.

  16. McClure Says:

    Why does everyone hate so much on this site? Mike I am sure you dont shred like that…and like Redder says show me an am hour that looks like that video just did. Bob shreds hard.

  17. jj watts Says:

    Hay Mike

    You really don”t get it do you? Bob Shreds.Nice work Bob !

  18. Derek Cook Says:

    ya Bob!! killin it dawg!

  19. john Says:

    Great video. Great Style. Like Reeder said show me ? Lets see it Mike ?

  20. Mike Says:

    Whatever, it’s just cuz I’m gay and I wanted to see more tail.

    You guys can chill out just a tad :) soooo ch33l bro’s!

    have fun! I’m entitled to my own crappy opinion so don’t get your panties so bunched up. there’s naked kids in africa that could use them.

    why hate and waste time?- zion i

    everyone flips out (no pun untended) so quickly these days.. zang! Anyone from AZ? lets go ridin

  21. Michael Quiapos Says:

    Sick! … Robert Sichel Reminds me of Shawn Watson.


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