September 24th, 2013 by Submitted

Sometimes you just gotta learn a new trick. Featuring: Collin Harrington, Danny Hampson, Raph Derome

Music: Blitzen Trapper – “Apple Trees”

16 Responses to “Learn a new Trick with Harrington, Hampson, and Raph”

  1. Tom Says:

    Nice to see that even pro’s have to bail hard and repeatedly, loving sections like this Alliance

  2. dan f Says:

    raphs a freak

  3. Jonathan Says:

    This video was sick! I want to see more of these in the future!!!

  4. Vinny Armentano Says:

    This video is great! Keep em coming! Congrats Raph!
    Second try!, that’s insane

  5. cactusjib Says:

    This is awesome. There should be one of these a week with new pros. Raph is not from this planet.

  6. Daniel Says:

    Such a dope segment-although I’m not buying the idea Raph hadn’t tried one of those yet ;).

  7. shredforces Says:

    hot java you guys are rad as F#@$

  8. jewknow Says:

    Rad section, we want more! I wanna call out watson and see him on here behind the boat, not the driver’s seat!

  9. Massi piffaretti Says:

    This is soooooo sick u guys rock :) this is the way to push the sport.

  10. Kyle Says:

    how many tries for raph to hit a 12?

  11. boomsmack Says:

    cool video section!!!! they like aren’t even excited that they just did that its like whatever 1080 second try.

  12. Sweet! Says:

    Set em up and knock em down boys! Motivating!

  13. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    I completely agree, more videos like this are needed as it will help push the sport in a progressive direction.

    That wasn’t Raph’s first try at a 1080 as he said he had tried them the other day. I’m sure he had also tried them before that. He has been stomping them on the cable for 2 years now!

    This type of video is great because whether it is a 180 or 1080 we, the readers, all realise the process and the price you pay to learn a new trick. It definitely would have been cool if we got a bit more emotion from them, but I guess if that’s them and how they would react that is cool too!

    Thanks again Alliance!

  14. Brad Says:

    Anyone else notice the girl squatting(peeing?) on the platform behind Collin when he was talking about his 2nd tries at about 1:25? Ha Ha!

  15. novapull Says:

    This video is exactly the type of vid I like. More of this please Alliance. Also i don’t know the level of folks who frequent this site but i would love to see more basic tricks how-to videos (HS&BS360’s with maybe drills to help problem areas). Stuff like the Learnwake guys do.

  16. ! Says:

    We need to see some more videos of raph riding boat! One of the best boat riders out there!


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