Winter has been a busy off-season for many of the West Coast wakeboarders. In fact, the relative lack of snow has kept many of California's wakeboarders riding on a (somewhat) regular basis. Mike Schwenne, Derek Cook, Aaron Aubrey and Josh Smith have all been out on their local waterways recently to get their shred on. Despite the lack of a winter, Aubrey and Cook are still making a Spring Break riding trip to Orlando later this month.

Schwenne, meanwhile, has been busier than most. Over the winter both houseboats from the West Coast Camps fleet on Lake McClure were renovated for this season's camps. Plus, Schwenne has aquired a new business venture — The Shasta Wakeboard School (formerly John Steiner's Shasta Watersports). This school is located on the McClure arm of Lake Shasta and has a prime cove for wakeboard lessons. Nor-Cal riders Mike McMillen and Brady Sammons will be running the school and giving lessons. Both West Coast Camps and the Shasa Wakeboard School will also feature new MB Tomcat wakeboard boats, and the word from Schwenne and his instructors is that it's got one of the best wakes out there. Stay tuned to for more information regarding Schwenne's camps, schools, boats, and other stuff.