Canadian wakeskate company Levelthirtn has recently ventured into the world of itunes to deliver one of the first wakeskate specific podcasts to the masses. Conceptualized by Levelthirtn owner Paul Saberton, the video editing is done by team rider and L13 video producer Vince Whiteman. When asked about reasons for taking advantage of this format, Vince said, "We want to get the sport out into the open, showing well put together videos. It doesnt matter if it's 10 seconds or 10 minutes, as long as it gets a point across. We want to show how much fun this sport is."

So far, Levelthirtn has released four free podcasts filled with team footage, as well as the trailer for their upcoming team video titled Durf. Vince would like to release at least one podcast per week, and numerous ideas are already in the works, with a few trips to Florida planned as well.

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