Special Lake Powell/BROstock edition of “The Truth”.
Lake Powell Recap…fun, fun, and more fun!
For the 3rd straight year, we’ve completed our pilgrimage to Lake Powell.  This amazing journey through what seems to be another planet left us with plenty of great memories and stories.  A great time was had by all shooting the 2007 LF catalog shoot, filming for “The Truth”, and raging at BROstock. Here are just a few memories from our 10 days on the water:
“Best time ever had…
…on a wakeskate, going through canyon walls just narrow enough for a SeaDoo to fit through”
…chanting go around the boat, go around the boat, as Mike Ennen successfully spun        back to back around the Malibu, switch”
…waking up when the sun comes up (which happens to be 4:30 at Lake Powell)”
…going to bed when the sun comes up”
…hiking a mountain”
…weathering a storm”
…checking out the new 07 gear”
…wakeskating doubles”
…hitting double-ups all afternoon”
…riding on complete glass/butter”
…rocking out and having multiple dance parties on the front of the houseboat”
…playing poker and other games”
…watching Justin and Tim’s footage”
…riding a SeaDoo in 4ft swell chop”
…brainstorming about the 08 lineup”
…filming for Good Morning America (footage will air on the Sunday Morning Show, June 25th)”
…spending thousands of $$$’s on gas”
…not having cell phone reception”
…not answering emails”
…eating ice cream in the middle of the desert at Dangling Rope”
…without showering”
…wakeboarding, wakeskating, and wakesurfing”
…watching friends ride”
…filming an amazing group of riders”
…listening to Silas say AWESOME and WOW”
…catching huge fish and making fish tacos”
…walking on water”
…jumping off a massive cliff”
…Bro’ing down”
…on a team trip”
These are only a few and we’re sure everyone could add more of their own…the best part was that Josh Letchworth, Joey Meddock, Justin Stephens, Tim Irwin and others where behind the lens to “capture the magic”.  There will be some incriminating photos and video clips circulating around soon…check back for more updates next week.
We couldn’t imagine the trip without such awesome people and equipment.  Our house boats rocked courtesy of Lake Powell Resorts and Aramark.  By far the best accommodations available accompanied by the friendliest and helpful staff.  Melanie and her crew even made it out to rock out at BROstock.  The Malibu boats provided on the water comfort and an amazing wake…wait until you see the riders boosting huge off the double up…
BROstock…bang your head
BROstock went O.F.F…people came from all over to hang with the LF and Alliance crew.  The DVS boys handed out some party favors that inspired contests of their own.  What some people will do for a free shirt…The riders boosted off double ups while Don Wallace and Jason Mendes spouted color commentary.  The overall vibe was exactly what we hoped it would be…people hanging out on an amazing lake, soaking up the sun, partying, riding, and simply having fun.
The Kicker sound system was constantly cranking so loud the entire lake had no choice but to party with us…With fists in the air and heads whipping back and forth the LF house boat rocked so hard Motley Crew would be proud…we decided to share the rockin’ vibe with you in with an exclusive BROstock playlist, courtesy of our own DJ, Kevin Henshaw…if you’re a hip hop fan don’t trip, you can bet your gold chain the houseboat was ridin’ dirty.  
Motley Crue… Kick Start My Heart
Pantera… Respect
Rick Ross… Hustlin’
Chamillionaire… Ridin’
T.I…. What You Know
Fischerspooner… Emerge
And many more…
For a complete list, be sure to check out our Liquid Tunes section of www.liquidforce.com <http://www.liquidforce.com/>  shortly.
We’ve said this a million times, but we’ll say it again…If you haven’t been to Lake Powell you need to book a houseboat at www.lakepowell.com <http://www.lakepowell.com/> and enjoy a trip of a lifetime.  Book it for next years BROstock (tentative plans are to have the event the same time of year… on, or around June 9-11)…The Alliance wake crew had such a great time they already reserved a boat and have already posted an article displaying the fun that was had by all at www.alliancewake.com <http://www.alliancewake.com/> . For more outlooks check out http://www.liquidforcefilms.com/blog/ as Justin gives you LF Films insight on the trip.
Hippodrome…wakeskating made accessible
Silas Thurman and Colin Wright have taken a huge step to put on a wakeskate event, not just contest, for the masses.  With campsites booked and rippers like Kyle Walton making the journey out maybe they should have called it SKATEstock.  Riders and fans from all over are coming together to enjoy Koppert lake Washington on June 24th and 25th. The weekend will consist of two days of pro level wakeskating covered by Alliance wakeboard mag and Fuel TV. They’re inviting everyone to come out and camp the whole weekend to enjoy top-level riding, live bands and an all around good time. If you plan on riding you need to contact Silas and Collin at hippodrome.wakeskating@yahoo.com for your entry form and pick up times at the Portland airport on Friday the 23rd. There will be big cash prizes and every rider will get to ride both days. The contest consists of two events: boat run with rails and the pool jam.  
Sally’s Saloon Slide Show…Minneapolis June 16th-17th
Want to party with your favorite pro riders Shawn Watson, Shane Bonifay, Aaron Reed, Collin Harrington, Gregg Necrason, and Kevin Henshaw in a saloon called Sally’s?  How about joining them and your local rippers in the parking lot for a rail jam session?  Brought to you by MN Inboard, The House, Pinewski’s, FreshTip Productions, and Midwest Mastercraft the event will be hosted by Sally’s Saloon and Eatery (sounds fun already) in the downtown bar district Saturday night at 8:00.  Prior to this, the double up portion of the event will be held during the day on the Mississippi River which cruises through downtown. Hope to see you all there… if you can’t make it, be sure to check out www.liquidforce.com <http://www.liquidforce.com/>  for a complete recap and for details on all future Slide Show events.
We’re still recovering from BROstock and already on a plane to the next event…what will next week bring in “The Truth”?  Stay tuned…