It’s mid July… the month of spectacular fireworks displays and independence…the loyal members of the LF marketing team bring you explosive updates and insight with “The Truth”.
June’s “Join the Truth” winner
Ahh…beautiful San Luis Obispo.  This college party town is settled amongst the rolling hills midway up the Central Coast of CA.  It’s also near one of the best lakes ever… Lake Nacimiento.  This lake happens to be the stomping grounds for one of our favorite LF riders ever, Cody Ramsey.… and, of course, this month’s “Join the Truth” winner Amy Phelan.  All she had to do was sign up for “The Truth” at and she was automatically entered to win a Liquid Force care package.  We also found out here favorite rider was Amber Wing, hence the Cadence with Minx setup that she’s currently ripping on.  Amy, special thanks for the LF support in SLO!
This Month on the LF Calendar
This month is full of amazing events, 4th of July (obviously), but you may not realize the important wake history that took place this month.    
*July 1, 1997-Jimmy and Gregg Necrason design the Trip…the first multi-fin board in wakeboarding.  Gregg first rides it publicly at the X-Games in San Diego.  The Team is the modern version of The Trip and is still Gregg Necrason’s and now Keith Lyman’s board of choice.
*July 3, 1999- Shane Bonifay, in his first season as a pro, invents the “tootsie roll” and the “dum-dum”.  Although it seems like a long time ago, some would argue that Shane is just now hitting his prime.  His riding shows as he continues to push the sport by adding style to tricks and creating new ones like his toeside-backside-off-axis-720.  
July’s Calendar Boy
Collin Harrington is seen this month using the Fish to throw buckets on the LF calendar pages.  Did you notice the kick-flip on the Armada at the bottom page?  Yeah that’s right Collin can wakeskate pretty darn good.  Check out the Fish and the Armada at your local dealer
Love is in the air…
It’s that time of year again for you to give your favorite LF team riders the love they deserve.  You have your favorites, so why not make your voice heard through We’ve already placed our votes and can’t wait to see who makes it to the top spots.  There’s some inside office bets going down and word on the street is Aaron Grace has the inside track with his bookie; we can’t to see what goes down.  
Salt Lake City…Showing the Slide Show some love
Pretty good article summing up the Salt Lake Slide show at the pictures really speak for the vibe that went down this last weekend. It was good times all the way around, as the pros sessioned the rails and the am’s threw down for their chance for Slide Show fame.  These guys were taking one for the team, the crowd, and the asphalt, pushing themselves in attempts to acquire full “rail jam ripper” status. We’ll be seeing the Sessions Snow team manager Jason Kimball in the finals in Houston as he took the SLC Slide Show title.  It was also great to feel the support from the local shop, Marine Products.  Their whole crew really helped a ton and came through in more ways than one.  Don “MC” Wallace kept the crowd pumped as usual for an overall great event.  Put this down in the history books as another Slide Show success story.  For info on all of the Slide Show events, past or future, go to .
LF Films gets the blood flowing
We can’t freakin’ wait to see more sneak peaks of “The Truth” that Justin and LF Films is working on.  He added a couple heart warming photos and trailers to  A little reminder of a Lake Powell trip that seems like several months ago yet was only the beginning of last month.  Be sure to read the LF Films inside look at the Salt Lake Slide Show and more.
Maven Sessions
The Maven Sessions tour continues to push across the country to promote women’s wakeboarding and wakeskating.  For your chance to experience the movement and become a Maven, go to There is no other tour that has been designed specifically for women riders to ride together in the name of fun.  With riders like Melissa Marquardt, Stef Tor, Lauren Loe, Amber Wing and others joining the party you’re guaranteed a good time.
Summer is motoring right along and we’re pumped to be on the water…come join us.