Brett Eisenhauer announced his retirement from the Pro Tour at an awards ceremony in Portland last night. Ike has been going to these contests for over a decade, and was awarded one of those Pro Tour guitars, to which he responded, "12 years of competing and I have to retire to finally get one of these." I guess Ike never actually won a Pro Tour event, but that's exactly the kind of response you would expect from him — he's classic Aussie. I talked to him a few months ago and he said he was probably going to head back to Wagga Wagga to start flipping houses. Ike's an experienced carpenter and handyman, no doubt he'll be just as successful as he was in all this time wakeboarding. I can't wait for that retirement party at the end of the year; it's going to be insane. Congrats Ike.

Shelby Kantar won her first ever Pro Tour contest, although it wasn’t without some drama. Apparently a TV crew asked runner up Amber Wing what it "felt like to win" even as the judges were awarding Kantar with the top spot. I guess that's what happens when Dallas doesn't win, people just don't know what to do. Congrats to Shelby and Amber.

Finally, we heard 19-year-old Adam Errington won Rookie of the Year on the PWT, and was celebrating by supporting his big sponsor, Red Bull (even though Rip It was free at the party). Witnesses say Adam really must like Red Bull, because he was drinking it all night, "with ice."