July 16th, 2013 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

Harley goes out and lays down a few lines for us. Funny thing is, he always rides like this but this is the first time I have filmed the tricks all in a row. He is one bad dude

37 Responses to “Lines: Harley Clifford”

  1. jarrod Says:

    wow he is unbeleivable no one else like him in this sport. he can spin every way and flip everyday plus amazing style. great work harley

  2. Roskito Says:

    Huge KGB , sick

  3. Game over Says:

    if this whole lines thing was a contest, Harley just won…

  4. marc Says:

    always similar but sick riding

  5. Zach Duncan Says:

    Sickest lines ever. Charlie Sheen better watch is back, someone else is coming for the title!

  6. Zach Duncan Says:


  7. dirtnasty Says:

    Crazy skills, nasty steez…grabs everything. I’ll be happy to see the keyboard cowboys not hate on a video finally. If you do have something negative to say about this…you are clueless. Amazing stuff here Harley. Keep it up

  8. thanks Says:

    wow thanks for sharing awesome footage like this ! I just only wanna go ride now ! Seeya fellasss oh and creepy laptop guy if you hate on this one you should stop wakeboarding !

  9. anon Says:

    damn, what song is this? shazam / soundhound could not recognize it. sick riding!

  10. Spencer Thames Says:

    1:40… so boosted

  11. austin Says:

    That was the ugliest heel back 7 ever. :D

    Everything else, though, wow! So many tricks you just don’t see much…especially the switch stuff. Switch pete rose, switch moby dick 540, etc. The 3 mobe 7 series was really cool too. Ridiculously huge moby dick… Unreal. What a show-off. :P

  12. SETx Wake Says:

    A #legendary edit right here. Lines? Awesome concept! Double tantrum to all four frontside 900s, (solid nose grab on the last one)! Un-real Harley. Thanks for shreddin’ big buddy!

  13. dood. Says:

    was that a switch moby dick? or switch moby dick 540? what would a double whirly (7?) be? im confused.

  14. austin Says:

    I believe he did a switch moby dick 540. He also did regular and switch “whirly dicks” back to back. A whirlybird with a 720 rotation is called a “whirly dick” if the second rotation is handle-passed. It’s called a “whirly bird 720″ if both rotations are over the head. At least that’s my understanding.

  15. Hmmm Says:

    Just because you didn’t edit doesn’t make it any cooler…

  16. austin Says:

    Whoops, my bad. No switch moby dick 540, replace that with switch KGB 540 in my previous posts. Too many mind-blowing tricks to keep them all straight.

  17. Kyle Says:

    I think it is safe to say that he has no switch/regular. That kid is by far on a different level than everyone else. I wonder if he gets dizzy from
    all of those spins

  18. Justin H. Says:

    Hmmm. I think it does. I’ve watched several pros in videos and was extremely underwhelmed when I saw them in person. Little to no editing shows mastery. I’ve got a much more impressive bag of tricks if you give me 4-5 tries to get the boost, rotation and grab just right.

    Harley can ride.

  19. Jordy Says:

    Probably should’ve kept those lines for your video part!

  20. tehehe Says:

    no big deal

  21. Yehhhoowww! Says:

    harley goin hard! what is switch anyway for him? Taken it all the way to the flats! Keep up that impressive riding..

  22. nboville Says:

    Too bad he doesn’t go big ever…..WIAT, WHAT!?!?!?!?! How did his body not just collapse on that KGB at 1:40???? That looked like a double up!

  23. Loz Says:

    he is a freak of nature! nice work harley. what song is that?

  24. Matty Hasler Says:

    Your insane Harley that was just unreal!!!

  25. Austin Says:

    Literally mind blowing, BUT what song was that?? I know all yall want to make a video to it too so just spill the beans if someone knows please.

  26. Charlton Says:

    I think the song is called – Glowbug by The Cockroach… sick riding!

  27. Charlton Says:

    The Cockroach-Glowbug

  28. kyle gardner Says:

    dose he do a switch double? if not it must be somthing he is working on that was mind blasting!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Gould Says:

    calm down harley calm down

  30. skeereh Says:

    “hmm, whole video part in one day and barely got my hair wet. now what?”

  31. brandon Says:

    There was no switch moby dick 540… there was a switch kgb 5 tho

    regardless.. Harley’s the best behind boat. No matter what anyone else says.

  32. 3rdCoast Says:

    Love this series. This and the Dowdy one are the best edits y’all have put out this year. Keep ‘em coming!

  33. Cameron Says:

    was that a crow 10 at 00:25??

  34. BAM Says:

    its a crow 7, no one has landed a crow 10. harley has done crow 9 though, last year, won trick of the year.

  35. TheSpangler Says:

    Unreal, rides like a boss. Being in the boat watching him would be so wild to see!

  36. bluegrass wake Says:

    Ive had the pleasure of pulling him. The kid is unreal. Doing 7s out in the flat and stuff. And he rides close and slow. So much style.
    Not editing doesnt enhance the riding cuz the riding already speaks for itself. Lines gives it a street feel just like any other skate or bmx line- no hit is the same as the last, especially true on water going 23 miles per hour.

  37. coloRADo Says:

    YO. Slaying!


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