May 15th, 2012 by alliance

Lipsmack, the new feature film by Slingshot Wake and Patrick Wieland is a reminder that above all, wakeboarding is supposed to be creative and fun. Riders Jeff McKee, Oli Derome, Shredtown, Mike Ennen, Jeff House, Steffen Vollert, Nate Perry, Dylan Miller, Brian Reeder and friends show you how it’s done. We hope that by seeing how our company and our team approach the sport, it will encourage you to get out there and ride as much as possible. Enjoy it!

Song: Ghost in the Graveyard by Secret Music

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9 Responses to “Lipsmack: Trailer”

  1. Steve Says:

    Bought this movie last night. My favorite wakeboard movie of all time. Patrick you have to make another please!

  2. bro Says:

    good teaser looks good

  3. Tom Says:

    SICKKK. Watching it tonight. Whats the song?

  4. Michael Nason Says:

    Whatt!? Was that the famous projects road gap shredtown style at the end??

  5. shredoli Says:

    oli, dylan, and shredtown made that film…..just watched last night

  6. Jeff Mathis Says:

    it’s sick for sure, a little short but still awesome.

  7. Gnarly Says:

    This made up for the crappy trailer you put out earlier.

    This movie looks gnarly

  8. Ioda Media Says:

    Looks great. Nice work guys.

  9. bro Says:

    sick movie, props


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