Liquid Acoustics is very excited to announce the Liquid Acoustics Demo Days. The Demo Days will become an annual event, as it is an integral part of our overall marketing plan. As our company grows we will expand into other states. The program is designed to promote cutting edge companies with state of the art products at the grassroots level. This event will allow potential customer the means to actually test the products.

Liquid Acoustics is also in the process in establishing a team and is excited to announce that Jared “Rod” Couch has agreed to manage the team. Rod is actively searching for riders who believe in the program and will promote the partners and their products. Rod and the other team members will also be participating in the Demo Days. 

We are currently sponsoring the NorCal INT League, NorCal WWA and the Delta Riders Association.  We sponsored the Cal Poly (SLO) Graduwaketion and the Spring Ride at Lake Tulloch.  Liquid Acoustics will continue to seek sponsorship opportunities, which will benefit the program and our partners. Below are some dates for the upcoming Liquid Acoustic Demo Days:

7/15 Union Pt. Delta
7/21 Lake Oroville
7/29 Tulloch Lake

Check the website for changes and updates.