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Liquid Force, the premier manufacturer of wakeboarding and kiteboarding hard goods and apparel, has entered into a long term marketing agreement with Axis Wake Research.  Axis will be the Official Towboat of Liquid Force’s world famous BROstock event, as well as a strategic partner in Liquid Force’s Free For All series and all new BBQ BROdown series.

“If you’ve been around these two brands for even a short time, you’ve seen the synergy between our company cultures and the way we look at wakeboarding,” said Nick Skally, Axis Director of Marketing. “We’re excited to partner with an industry leader that understands how to have fun on the water. We’re also psyched to launch the product line into this type of arena where our boats can perform for high-end competitions like the double-up contest at BROstock.”

Axis and Liquid Force will begin to activate on this partnership immediately, starting with the LA Boat Show, February 10-12, followed by the February Freezeride at the Carlsbad Lagoon, February 18th.

Tony Finn, Founder of Liquid Force said, “I’m so excited to partner with an exciting brand like Axis Boats.  The wake on their boats is sick!  We couldn’t be happier to team up with such a great company.  Not only do they make great products, but they’re also a great group of people.  Their affordable, yet performance based boats are exactly what our industry needs!  Stay tuned for many exciting things to come!”

About Liquid Force  Founded in 1995, Liquid Force quickly became the leader in wakeboard & kiteboard hardgoods and apparel.  Liquid Force is dedicated to relentless innovation, progressive design, maximum functionality and unparalleled quality.  Supported by a superior team of athletes, Liquid Force events include world famous BROstock, Free For All series, and the all new BBQ BROdown.  For more information, visit www.liquidforce.com

About Axis Boats  Axis Wake Research manufactures high performance, price point wakeboard boats and brings new levels of quality, performance and style to the entry-level boat market with unparalleled pride of ownership. For more, go to www.axiswake.com and www. facebook.com/axiswakefan

8 Responses to “Liquid Force x Axis Boats x BROstock”

  1. John Says:

    I’d be interested to see if they’re (LF) are also working a “long term marketing agreement” with Randall…

  2. dobbler Says:

    they better be!

  3. Logan Downer Says:

    hopefully they don’t make axis suck as much as lf, randall won’t sign with lf after what they did to company. he’s going to phalanx.

  4. John Says:

    Yeah, LF didnt do anything to Company other than enforce their patent rights. That’s business. LF is a strong company which has, all things considered, represented the sport well for a long time. Randall has history with Jimmy Redmon and Tony Finn. They could actually pay him the salary that he deserves. I love the idea of start ups like Phalynx, but if history serves as any indicator of the future, a move to Phalynx would be yet another knot in a long line of endorsements of failed board companies. Principle aside, at 30 yrs old, it would just make sense to affiliate with a stable company. Just saying.

  5. Ur Dumb Says:

    For those who continue to think LF was the demise of Company…this is your Public Service Announcement.

    Company in itself is the sole reason, THE only reason why the brand failed. Running a successful business with overwhelming challenges is part of living on the big kids playground. Many brands in many different industries have faced and continue to face real challenges. One brand enforcing (or trying to enforce) their patent is nothing. Why do people continue to think something so trivial was the end of the world? YAWN. Regardless if LF’s patent existed or not, Company was in a world of hurt. FACT.

    Get over it.

    Randall is and will always be one of the best athletes wakeboarding will ever see. He’ll be just fine…

  6. ohyeaheh? Says:


  7. Ur Dumb Says:


  8. dobbler Says:

    let’s not forget about the event! Lake of the Ozarks is going to be a HUGE party!!!


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