January 23rd, 2013 by alliance

You know when you open up your clothes dryer and find a 20 dollar bill? This is kinda the same feeling looking through hard drives and finding a folder of goodies that you forgot about. Daniel Powers is always a treat to watch. Check out some of this lost footage of Daniel doing his thing…

7 Responses to “Lost Footage: Daniel Powers”

  1. Tim Walters Says:

    That was neat!

  2. Han Solo Says:

    only good thing was the song

  3. Bill Dance Says:

    ^ Said no one ever.

  4. bro Says:

    sick riding, good song

  5. aaa Says:

    cleanest landings in wakeboarding

  6. cam Says:

    nice riding bro

  7. hmm Says:

    Thrasher called and they want their font back, the good news is, nobody called about comic sans, so it looks like the Alliance wake logo is in the clear. Actually, nobody ever uses that font unless it’s a joke, so you’re pretty safe.


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