So Travis is sitting here working in the office with me (in Orlando) and he is talking to either me or himself and he just said something that only porn stars say. I can’t repeat it to you, because it was really indecent and I can’t even give you a hint because it was so direct. I’m a little scared sitting here with my back to him.

Daniel Watkins is going to be a dad. I saw his girlfriend Chancee today and she’s six months pregnant. She was glowing, but said it was because she was hot and sweaty. I thought it was just the pregnant thing. Chancee used to work at Hyperlite then moved to Orlando and worked for Performance and then started dating Daniel and moved to Australia with him during our winters. She has had a really wakeboardey life, I think.

Man, Travis just said something about kissing Gregg Necrason’s dad on the cheek when he met him and now he said that Gregg was cute. I really don’t know if he’s talking to me or not. He’s a good worker though.