Peterborough, Canada: On Friday November 7th Pura Vida Media launched the official new all girls wakeboard and wakeskate website . With over 1400 hits on its first day, the launch was a huge success. This is a stepping stone to what will become an international female wakeboarding phenomenon.

“In the short time that I’ve been actively involved in wakeboarding, the sport has done so much for me, that I wanted to give something back. It was important for me to become a part of the industry and give these amazing, talented, female riders the publicity they deserve. The site is more about uniting athletes though. Wakeboarders, wakeskaters, wakesurfers, cable riders, women from all over the world sharing experiences and knowledge with one another. To create the ultimate forum for female riders in any sport. ” – Ally Boothroyd, TID creator, web manager  and editor.
The purpose of this site is to bring female riders together from all over the world, who share a collective passion for wakeboarding and wakeskating at all levels. Female wakeboarding is growing at such a fast rate, and this is why it is so important to document it, and provide tips and the coverage for these women. So far, there has been incredible support from all of the riders, male, female, pro and amateur as well as industry personal and our fan base. To date, the results have been astounding.

" is a great example of how women in wake are helping to push the sport through creativity, teamwork and awareness. Since it's recent launch, the website has quickly grown into a popular portal for news, events, photography, video and so much more and people from all corners of the globe are already taking notice." – Danielle Crawford, World Wakeboard Association Organizer

 The website features two profile sections, one on female riders from Canada, and one profiling international riders, including the US, Australia, Europe, South East Asia, with more and more areas signing up daily. Famous names include those like, Amber Wing, Nicola Butler, Angelicka Schriber, Maxime Sappulette, Denise Dehann, Steph Caller, Ashley Leugner, Jen GilanFarr, Lacey Menkin, Anna Hajek, and Leslie Sparkes.  Rider profiles are not only for top ranked riders, but also both novice and intermediate, and include their perspectives as well as experiences with wakeboarding.
“Its about time! This site fills a huge gap in female wakeboarding representation, there is so much content and all of it relevant, I could spend hours just checking it out. I am really excited to see where it goes from here.” Stephanie Thornton, female wakeboarder age 23

The site also features videos, event coverage of local and international events, photography profiles on talented artists, trick-tips, and international travel profiles.  Additionally, the site includes, a number of articles on wake related issues, and a “Trend Watch” section that features our favorite brands in the industry.
"Having been involved with wakeboarding at an international level for a few years now has really opened my eyes to how big the sport of wakeboarding is for girls all over the world. It is not just the few top ladies that compete on the Pro tour, (and major props to you gals as we wouldn't have much credibility if it wasn't for you!) but it is also girls from countries like the Philippines who have just discovered the sport, and are pushing the bar high in a country which, five years ago, didn't have a cable or wakeboard boats. I came to the realization that we need an online forum to display this international talent, and to profile the unique stories that go along with it. I also feel that it is important to share all that we have learned with each other, i.e. workouts, unique rail designs, how-to's on tricks, places we've been, so we can use each other to grow." – Erika Langman, TID Marketing Director

Whether it’s reading articles, browsing the photography, or keeping up to date on all things women’s wakeboarding, this site aims to inspire girls to get out on the water and to support those who are already throwing it down all over Canada and the world. Throw it remains dedicated to progressing female riding at all levels and we will work tirelessly to create the best quality website to promote female riding worldwide.