October 8th, 2013 by Submitted

Massi Piffaretti took a quick set on Lake Conway before heading back to Italy. Expect more from Massi soon.

Video from JB ONeill

20 Responses to “Massi Piffaretti on Conway”

  1. jon Says:

    He did all of that in one set!?! ZOMG!

  3. marc besner Says:

    sick riding

  4. Pete Says:

    Dude is unreal! You can see JB’s influence on him or the other way around.

  5. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    ya massi!

  6. Steve Gould Says:

    method for about a mile

  8. BAM Says:

    kills it

  9. Spencer Says:

    Tanny to blind at 1:30 was HUGEEE

  10. trickskiing Says:

    Tuckkneers take note that HS BS OA 180 was as good as it gets!

  11. Real talk Says:

    BOW DOWN to the G wake. Bow downnnnnnnnn

    Method was straight nasty!

  12. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Trickskiing – That HS BS OA 180 tuck knee was not trick skiing #legit ! Haha different type of style but obviously dudes put in work on his riding. Thanks for the vid and keep progressing the riding was fun to watch.

  13. Steve Gould Says:

    why did they get rid of the normal witness in the lf line. wasnt gonna by it anyways.

  14. Luke Derfus Says:

    sickest method I’ve ever seen in my life

  15. shred til dead Says:

    the double poke indy back 1… holy shit that was ill

  16. Vinny Armentano Says:

    can’t stop watching.
    Massi Piffa = #1 italian exporter of style lol

  17. steve o Says:

    method was insane… dude charges

  19. Sebastian Says:

    I can see this video anymore, please where can I look at it!

  20. Sebastian Says:

    Sorry I can’t see this video anymore!!! where I can look for it again?


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