January 5th, 2013 by Submitted

As you shovel your driveway, scrape your windshields and bundle up to get the mail, you will always dream of warmer days and being on the lake. The new Mastercraft X10 is just the machine to take you there.

4 Responses to “MasterCraft “Mission 02: Dream Machine””

  1. p_nugz Says:

    dissapointed! we thought you guys were going to release some more of rusty’s bangers and mash..not some advertisement..the only people who come to watch these videos already know wtf the x10 is, why the ad?!? gr.

  2. .. Says:

    ^^ completely agree. the first video was raw, and i watched it 100x. this one i will never look back at.

  3. CATS Says:

    Bad wake video, but does make you think about the great summer memories. If you weren’t wearing a smile at the end of the video, your lake life is dull.

  4. p_nugz Says:

    ^Yesyes the story was cheerful just hoped for some super insane riding in the release of “mission2″ cuz the first was dizope


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