March 21st, 2014 by pressrelease

The NXT is a 20-foot MasterCraft designed and built in the same factory as our legendary line of premium towboats. Packed with performance in a product that will hold its value, we’re excited to open up the MasterCraft brand to a whole new audience. This is for the customer who has always wanted a MasterCraft but believed it was just out of reach…now there’s no reason to settle for a second-class ride. And those who are frustrated with the limited possibilities with their I/O boat, take heart.

The NXT is the perfect introduction to a variety of action, including wakesurfing. Nicely equipped at $50,000 USD, this is the most accessible MasterCraft ever. With good credit, a sample payment is about $400 a month.

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2 Responses to “MasterCraft NXT – First Look”

  1. Turd Diddler Says:

    you guys are total fags. Make a boat thats under 40k

  2. CDsNUTZ Says:

    ^^^ This could possibly be the best comment ever!


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