February 18th, 2014 by Josh Palma


We were pumped we had the chance to hang at the MasterCraft NXT media day today at the Miami Boat Show. The NXT was introduced a couple weeks ago at the Minneapolis boat show but very little info surfaced from the initial release. While we won’t have the full story for a few more weeks, they did leak some more specs today. The 20-footer will be built in the same factory as MasterCraft’s legendary line of premium towboats and represents the perfect blend of quality and accessibility; it will be manufactured with the same resins, gelcoats, and vinyl’s as all other MasterCraft boats and it will be equipped with an Ilmor engine. There’s now no need for customers to settle for a second-class ride or to battle with the limitations of an entry-level I/O boat. The best part in our opinion…you can get into the NXT for just under 50k. High barriers of entry have often made our activity difficult for new riders to get involved, so we are stoked to see MasterCraft making things significantly more accessible/affordable with the NXT.

For more info and updates on the all-new MasterCraft NXT check out www.mastercraft.com/NXTupdates

2 Responses to “MasterCraft NXT Media Day”

  1. KB Says:

    So is it just me or is there no dashboard, steering wheel, or throttle in it? Does the boat drive itself? Incredible new technology by mastercraft!

  2. Spencer Welch Says:

    The dashboard, steering wheel, throttle, and running gear are all options. What you see is the standard package for around $50k but once optioned out you are looking at $74,999. HAHA.


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