"Matt Staker … who? Oh, he still works here?" Okay, this guy has been tied up in Alliance since Day One and he might have done the whirlybird before Bill McCaffray, that's what Matt says anyways. But enough of who did what first. Matt used to answer letters and then wrote some stories and then he did some web stuff or he would ask me to answer the letters and then maybe help out with the picture captions. But when the video stuff came together he would help Chase film and capture the footage or get the boats together or boost the morale up to a level 11. When he's not filming, he enjoys getting some lunch, tasting loud mouth soup, having you think about weird things – like, how did Natalie Portman get that guy into the train by herself? Think about that today. So Matt was born and raised in Orlando 20-something years ago and claims he's never moved from here, but this last year he actually went to L.A. to do something different. On this journey he grabbed the nickname "Mistakes" – no one knows why, but maybe he made a few mistakes along the way. Well, now he's back in Orlando trying to buy a house down the road from Chase. This could be cool, 'cause they could always grab some lunch or throw change into the streets and see whose quarters roll the furthest.