October 17th, 2011 by alliance

Matty Hasler takes his new CTRL for a spin at Hydrous Wake Park in Allen Station, TX.

Video by: Geoff Fagien

Matty Hasler takes his new CTRL for a spin at Hydrous Wake Park in Allen Station, TX.
Video by: Geoff Fagien

14 Responses to “Matty Hasler Shreds Hydrous”

  1. Mike Vick Says:

    anyone else tired of all these cable videos? Wakeboarding is meant to be behind the boat

  2. Mike Vick Says:

    that being said. the riding here is amazing, far better than I could ever do

  3. tommy Says:

    why do cable riders ride the way they do? blows my mind that they think cable steez looks good…

  4. Bobby Says:

    Yea I’d rather see some boat videos also but cable is definitely sick. Wish I had one close to my house….nearest one is 4+ hours away :'(

  5. Common Sense Says:

    Not everyone has parents that will buy them a $50,000+ wakeboard boat, cable riding is cheap and fun. It’s a different aspect to the sport, riding behind a boat everyday is boring.

  6. Flax Says:

    Hey Mike feel free to go out and shoot a boat clip. No one is stopping you!

  7. Al Says:

    Cable is the future of wakeboarding… end of story. So much more room for progression than riding behind a wake

  8. rik Says:

    Al, I would have to agree but yet disagree at the same time. Mike, quit being a tax, wakeboarding is wakeboarding; whether it is behind a boat, a cable, winch, 2 tower, or PWC. Riding is riding, getting out on the water and doing what you love, there has been so much accomplished in the last decade, and even so much more to come. Al if you would like proof that boat AND cable are both leading the charge in progression, watch the DEFY trailer, and then go watch the Noisia Vision teaser.

  9. Corey Says:

    Its 100x easier to film a cable edit. That is why so many are featured on here. you dont need a driver, rider, chase boat driver, filmer, etc. When Pat does a boat video he obviously spends time on it to make it legit… Being that he is super busy doing a team video and what not, he probably posts the next best thing other than his work.

  10. Bradey Price Says:

    F*ck this im going skateboarding!

  11. Al Says:

    No doubt boat riding will always have its place in the sport, especially in wakeskating. i just see how the sport has changed so drastically in less than 5 years due to cables. Bringing aspects such as step up jumps/ step downs etc. to wakeboarding is a very good thing for the sport in general, it brings aspects from snowboarding and skateboarding that were never possible before cables, it appeals to different people and is more affordable for the average person. But i agree boat will always be an important part of the sport and still has room for progression

  12. AB Says:

    RIK …said it perfect…bottom line..STOP THE HATIN…i love boat more but nothing wrong with cable but don’t discredit any form of wakeboarding its all good whether your wakeskating a ditch line with your best friend pullin on his bike lol or riding cable,winch, or boat…

  13. ODS Says:

    Well Said Flax!

    Cable is for the poor wakeboarder and keeps not so priviliged kids off the street and gives them a way of expressing themselves. Each to their own,.. Being a cable rider, the more cable videos the better! Keep em coming

  14. Zach Says:

    Cable is better hands down. way more steezy


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