To kick off the Maven Sessions we hit the LF stomping ground of Carlsbad Lagoon. With the weather a little nippy and the water pretty fresh, I was a little concerned for the my partners in crime: Melissa Marquardt, Stephanie Warmsley, and Shelby Kantar.

We spent two days at the Lagoon, hanging out and coaching 64 women. They ranged from in age from 5 years old to plus-50. The variety was so awesome to see, especially with all of them sharing the same love for wakeboarding.

Stephanie and I taught Hannah (5) and Samantha (7) to wakeboard. They had never been behind a boat before so we started them on the beach in shallow water, running and pulling them along so they developed the feeling of
being towed. Once we had them behind the boat they both poped up first try, it was fantastic!

All the girls improved their stance over the weekend, some working on wake-to-wake, others perfecting switch stance.

The Maven girls also went out for a few sessions, Melissa stomping some stylie toeside backside 180's, Shelby ripping it up and Wamsley showing us why she is a leading women in wakeskating. All in all it was a fantastic start to the Maven sessions and all of us are looking forward to teaching more girls about wakeboarding and wakeskating.