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These kids are getting crazy good. Max van Helvoort and Massi Piffaretti in Thailand at the Thai Wake Park – Part 2.

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4 Responses to “Max and Massi in Thailand Part 2”

  1. Thetruth Says:

    Can anyone count the handle passes for me? I lost track

  2. JJJ Says:

    31 and ½ !!

  3. Casey Says:

    What is Massi wearing on his Left leg? looks like some sort of a compression sleeve. Just Curious, thanks!

  4. Kook Says:

    Casey, Its a cover for his dick, its simply too long and he doesn’t want it to be exposed. So like any good samaritan would, he covered it with a sleeve but he also had to cover his left leg with it too. Glad I could help!


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