Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the 5th and final Instagram feature with the creator himself, Jeff McKee. Vote for your favorite pic and the winning photo from each feature will be posted at the end of the week in the final battle.



Photo # 1 – I snapped this bad boy up in Hood River, OR right down the road from the Slingshot factory. Patrick Wieland and I were up there to shoot some shots of the board production for Lipsmack and took one morning off to shoot time lapses around the town. It was cold as balls and I had completely given up on style, hence the white socks, Nike indoor soccer shoes and jeans rolled up hipster style. The view was pretty unreal so I staged this pic and called it “my office for the day.”



Photo # 2 – I found this truck parked out front of the convention center here in Orlando for Surf Expo. I read it as I walked past and it didn’t hit me till about 20 ft. down the sidewalk that whomever owned this vehicle was a jack of all trades. I mean where else in the world could you go to get your colon cleansed, a new purse, and a sharp new knife. I was tempted to peak in the windows but feared I’d be grabbed and pulled inside never to be seen again, except on the evening news with the headline “local waveboarder abucted outside Orlando Convention center.”



Photo # 3 – This is the inside of a correx pipe. Mike Ennen’s head is actually inside the tube at the far end, but for some reason the light wrapped around his melan and made for this epic burst of light instead. If you scroll up and down it while looking at the shot it begins to mess with your eyes. At least that’s what Erik Ruck told me…Trippy bro. Haha!



Photo # 4 – Now this was a wild night. It all started playing the newlyweds game at a friends place and the question was “what is the one thing your wife would say that you love more than her?” I had just got back from Portland where we went to a strip club (which I told her about because honesty is the best policy). She was busting my balls about it that day so I thought it would be a great answer to the question. “Strippers” was my official answer. The joke didn’t turn out to be as funny as I had imagined when I wrote it down, but by the end of the night all the crew was jacked up on the idea of strippers, se we headed to the club. That’s my beautiful wife Katy on the right with her hair pulled back, my friends John and Steve across the stage (code names), and on the stage is obviously a stripper. I’m still proud every time I see this pic because I pulled off the forbidden “strip club photo.”



Photo # 5 – These are the tree’s at Shredtown’s ranch in thens TX. I thought it was cool how the light was flaring and making the sky look white. I was supposed to be filming Chris Abadie wakeboarding from up on the hill, but got completely engulfed in this shot instead, missing his best trick of the day. The worst part was that he and Patrick both came running up the hill in excitement to see how it looked from the second angle, and all I had to show for myself was this pic. It’s good, but Chris’ trick was better. Too bad you’ll never see it. It was a tail grab 1260 off the end of a flatbar. Sorry Chris.


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