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Meet Champ Anderson and Jeff Raley of PBTV

Ever heard of Peanut Butter television? Yeah we were guessing you hadn’t which is why we are taking this opportunity to introduce to you the next big things in Korean television. The duo have dedicated 110% of their time to breaking the latest and greatest news in the world of action sports. They’re not the most professional team, but there is some level of entertainment value in their flaws that has had us ROFL.

Champ: I’d like to take this opportunity first off to thank Alliance. My records show that your magazine is held in the highest regards in the wake industry. As you have probably heard I’ve worked in many facets of action sports so I’m no stranger to the extreme side of the sports arena. I am happy to provide you with a plethora of images of myself but unfortunately my partner Jeff is NOT to be revealed to the public eye due to his unsanitary / obese condition.

Jeff: Geez Champ you don’t have to refer to me like I’m some wild animal or something, but yeah I think if we want our audience to grow its best I’m not seen.

Alliance: OK guys lets cut to the chase, why action sports?

Champ: As big team sports took a decline in the past Jeff and I were on a downward spiral to unemployment we saw our niche. Extreme sports… We were back. I’m much smarter than the average person so getting interviews was fairly easy and with my big name my publicist had no problems booking dates.

Jeff: Yeah I had no problem finding addresses in the phone book.

Champ: Shut up Jeff you’re ruining the interview.

Alliance: How did the two of you first met?

Champ: I can’t remember if it was 91 or 97. We were at a Boat drag race in Illinois and I was three or four sheets to the wind down on the start dock when Jeff who was working with a different broadcaster knocked me into the water. I still have a scar on my side from the prop of one of the boats. Jeff helped me out of the water and from then on we were inseparable. I’m like the emperor and he’s my Darth Vador, but fat with no real powers like a jedi.

Jeff: Yeah you were cursing at me something awful. I think I got fired by that guy because he couldn’t believe I would just stand there and take such a tongue lashing, but I was caught up in the moment.  I wonder what happened to that guy, his name was Sal Masekala or something like that. Anyways not a name you associate with action sports coverage, not a name like champ Anderson.

Alliance: How did the two of you get your big break into action sports?

Champ: I don’t remember what x games it was because I’ve struggled with a bit of a drinking problem, but who hasn’t right? It was the one where Corey Heart did the first back flip on a dirt bike. Jeff somehow got into the right spot mainly because of his size and I was right there with him. Technically we were the first on the scene, but because of some red tape we had a hard time getting it out. However PBTV had just started their action sports division and brought us in full time as the lead broadcaster and filmer. The Champ Anderson Show.

Alliance: Champ, sources tell us you have run into some trouble with the authorities at the spy bar downtown…would you like to make a statement to set the record straight?

Champ: I have nothing to hide so ya here’s the sleazy story. I was staying at the bohemian for a week or so waiting to break the big story of the Parks Bonifay doc, come to find out your magazine had all the rights. This put me into a 3 or 5 day binge which mainly consisted of me bouncing back and fourth from Fin Henrys and spy bar. I had an open tab at both bars, which I didn’t know about. When my tab at Spy bar rounded 2K they tried to cut me off. Champ Anderson has never been cut off so I took this hard. I went into the photo booth and took a couple naked photos of myself gave it to the bar tender and told him to keep the fucking change. Then the police got involved and I can’t remember much after that, Jeff bailed me out the next day. Like I said I have nothing to hide.

Jeff: I thought he hit an all time low when he traded his microphone for a slice at planet pizza but it turns out that was just the beginning of things that night.  It’s tough sometimes with Champ’s drinking but he always comes back strong. In fact one morning back in ’94 I found him passed out in the yard after a week long bender. I threw a cup of water on him and he woke right up, we went and filmed Hoe’s and Hotdoggin in its entirety that afternoon. It’s probably the best stand up jetski documentary to this day.

Alliance: We’ve never actually heard of your network before…Where is PBTV broadcasted and what’s the size of the audience?

Champ: PBTV is very big on the Internet and had a big run in Korea. It started as a children’s network in the early 90s and sort of fell off. An action sports firm bought it up and just kept the name. It stands for peanut butter television. Now it’s mainly web based. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

Jeff: Yeah those guys in Korea broadcasted our air-chair instructional for what seemed like years.  It’s actually where we got the seed money to invest in the BLUE cam.

Alliance: Have either of you been involved in action sports apart from your broadcasting careers?

Champ: Yeah both Jeff and I have entered into Bass fishing tournaments around the Florida area and Alabama. You have to drive the boat at high speeds to get to the best spots. Jeff drives and I fish. We’ve also both surfed in Maui once.

Champ: Thanks again for checking in on us and welcoming us into your world. Were both excited to start interacting with athletes from this field. We’ll be doing a lot of house drop ins in the near future.

PBTV's Champ Anderson