Last night I dropped in on “The Other Guys” as they battled for their first win of the season (record: 0 – 6) at Braddock Park in Windermere, FL. You know it’s officially the off-season when 7 out of 10 players on a softball team are pro wakeboarders. They’re in a recreational male league and are definitely the only professional athletes signed up. They’re opponents are usually twice their age and double their weight, but as we all know baseball is by no means a sport for athletes. Some of the laziest most out of shape men in the world are known as “Professional baseball players.” Despite their less than impressive record, the Other Guys are no doubt the most entertaining softball team you will encounter. They have full scale meltdowns and serious attitude problems. Rattray has been ejected more than once for throwing bats, and Rathy has been known to challenge the ump to a duel.

This particular game started out with a bang as Rusty made a diving catch at 3rd only to bounce back up and throw to first in time for the out. Then in their first at bat they murdered the ball and managed to bring in 6 or 7 runs. Up until the 4th inning I was positive they’d bring home the first win of the season, but outfield errors (ahhem, Phil, Andrew) eventually got the best of them and cost the game. Being a fan of the other guys is an emotional rollercoaster filled with serious highs and intense meltdowns. One thing’s for sure, It was way more entertaining than the World Series. Is that even going on still?



Bob getting into a pickle and then rolling under the guys feet to get back to 2nd. He was safe by a mile, that ump must have been drunk to blow the call.

Steel’s 40 inch vertical leap at shortstop to end the 4th inning.

Rusty swinging a softball bat.

2 in the park home runs from the other guys.

Getting beat by the slaughter rule in the 5th inning.

The game ending with a double play by the old guys with beer guts as if to say “F**K… You… Other… Guys…”


We’ll get em’ next time boys!