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Melissa Marquardt took a trip to Tahiti to enjoy the crystal clear warm waters with a few close friends. Here’s a few clips from her adventure.

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8 Responses to “Melissa Marquardt and friends in Tahiti”

  2. dont know what to say Says:

    So gay, give me my 2 minutes back

  3. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Haters going to hate. Got hate in your heart let it out. Mellisa is hot just like the video. Comment 1 fuck you comment 2 fuck you Melissa your cool I’m out!

  4. Neckbeard Says:

    Fuck yeah. That made me want to go to Tahiti so bad. And wakeskate.

  5. Truth Says:

    This is a WAKE website not a la-ti-da vacation site…

    Next time show us YOUR riding Melissa -You have the skills to pay the bills right?

  6. bread makes me poop Says:

    Your wrong Truth. Wakeboarding is most definitely a vacation (la-ti-da or not). and if its not, well you probably get other things wrong in your life. Do yo have sex with dogs by any chance? cuz that’d be wrong too.

  7. buddy Says:

    that was sweet

  8. Adam Fields Says:

    Melissa gets to go do that for her job. And for that, she is one of my heroes! Keep up the great work Melissa!! I most definitely want to go to Tahiti after seeing this!


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