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Having trouble landing a 5? Can’t seem to get across that box or rail at the cable park? What’s your excuse? Well Meme Pagnini doesn’t have an excuse. He just charges everything. So the next time you’re at the park and you get a little frustrated over falling a few times, think of Meme.

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7 Responses to “Meme Pagnini – Sit Wake”

  1. massi piffaretti Says:

    bella meme number one :)

  2. Daniele Camilletti Says:

    The best Sit Wake Rider!!

  3. Steven Says:

    Simply incredible. So much respect for this guy

  4. Hunter Hanson Says:

    The only thing I’m wondering is… Has he tried a 7 because that 5 was huge! Definitely pushing the sport of sit wake & wake for everyone!

  5. Meme Says:

    That was only a 5…
    7 has to come yet!

    tnx Everybody!! :D

  6. Jarod Brown Says:

    Very inspiring! Keep on pushing it.

  7. Jerome Elbrycht Says:

    Nice mémé ! The level is growing up !good job !
    Not far from manu Guillon ‘ s level for me the best sit wake rider but we work to be close. Big up to All the sit. Wake riders


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