Weather in Michigan is crazy. One second it's nice the next it's windy. Then out of no where it will start to rain. And in the spring and fall it's not uncommon for the rain to turn to snow. Today was no exception in the case of wind and rain.

We set out to have a great day of raining i mean riding. Being Michigan, the forecast for the day said it would be thunder storming all day. So when everyone starts to get off work, we try to go on the boat during a short break in the crappy weather. Then the wind starts back up. Shortly after the wind comes and goes the dark clouds show up. You really shouldn't be on the lake during these conditions because of lightning, but whatever…

My homie Bret's parents have a house/ boat on this lake called Portage. But we always go to this other lake, called Little Portage. Mostly because Portage is usually blown out when Little Portage will just about always be money. But going to Little Portage requires us to go under this crazy bridge with all these big gnarly spiders under it that are just ready to drop onto your head and start to suck the blood out of your skull. Also if your not paying attention your head will be taken out by the really low cement.

In high hopes for butter on the otherside we arrive to Little Portage but alas today Little Portage was just as blown as Portage. Being the troopers we are (including the only girl on the boat that was just there to hang out and didn't complain once despite cold rainy weather, thanks Melissa) we decided to go back to a short pass on Portage that we decided was the best bet.

I have been winching a lot lately filming for the Homeless video along with Zachary Stone's new video Not What 'cha Think, so sometimes I forget how much of an ordeal going on the boat can be. Filling up fat sacs/ ballast and dealing with all this other gear. It doesnt bother me much though because I have horrible boat etiquette and dont care if there's weight or not. And since i ride with strappers I know they're gonna want the extra weight wether or not I get off my lazy ass. It is fun to ride small mini ramp sized lips so sometimes I do what I can.

Despite the un-cooperative weather of the day I had a great time riding and joking around on the boat. My friend Erik is always good for a laugh. Whether it's because he's rapping to nas with a serious gangsta face or doing wake to wake backside 180 pigtails (check back for the trick tip soon).

But anyways the 6 month season is almost over up here which means we have no choice but to go out even if the conditions aren't the greatest. But shit's only gonna suck if you make it suck. So deal with what you have to and get out there cause you could have Michigan weather…