August 2nd, 2011 by alliance
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The high flying youngster Mike Dowdy lays down some lines mid day.

Thanks CWB TV


The high flying youngster Mike Dowdy lays down some lines mid day.
Thanks CWB TV

17 Responses to “Mid Day Set with Mike Dowdy”

  1. Jake Sonnevelt Says:

    Steezy! Anybody know what song that is?

  2. hoohaa Says:

    Either he is tiny or that wake is huge! First front 1 was the dopeness.

  3. Andrew Masi Says:

    those were some of the best boat mobe’s i have ever seen!!! nice riding

  4. Holaaaaa Says:


  5. blake Says:

    ya dowdy!

  6. Geoff Isringhausen Jr. Says:

    WOwwwww he was going huge!! Made for awesome steez having all the extra time to float out till the touchdown landing.

  7. Jimmy Jacquet Says:

    does anybody know what this song is ?

  8. GH Says:

    google the lyrics and then type lyrics into google, best way to find out songs

  9. Elliott Dollar Says:

    second trick stale backroll was different in such a good way! i am really seeing some next generation riding going on these days. mista mike dowdy is doing it y’all…

  10. Steve Bates Says:

    Song is by Hot Fiction. _Start it off.

  11. Jeff Says:

    oh my gatos! that shit was huuuge!

  12. Freddie Says:

    i will only be impressed when I see him grab everything…

  13. Matt Says:

    freddie, get alife

  14. Ben Wilcox Says:

    I also will not be impressed until I see him ride 100 times better than I will ever be. So I’m impressed. Even landing back foot heavy he looks in control.

  15. Mike Says:

    that wake is so big its stupid. mmm, i love milk, cookies, and alliance wake on a fine evening like this. i don’t even care about girls anymore. I just wanna wakeboard and go camping and get some glass and listen to katy perry. i love camels.

  16. Nicholas Danger Blaine Says:

    stale-roll and the whirley dick at the end were sick!

  17. Henrique Says:

    Which boat is this ???


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