October 1st, 2013 by alliance

ACE is produced from 100% US-grown cotton. After harvesting the plant from farms all across America, Zeal ships the cotton to Italy’s renowned Mazzuccchelli family. Zeal relies on their deep knowledge and refined skills, honed over generations, to bring to life sunglasses like never before. Paired with Zeal’s exclusive, plant-based e-llume lens, the ACE is the greenest sunglass on the market – See more at: www.zealoptics.com/ace.html/

8 Responses to “Mike Dowdy and the Zeal Ace Sunglasses”

  1. massi piffaretti Says:


  2. RealTalk Says:

    Yeah, good riding.

  3. nice Says:

    Yeah! sick edit boys! stoked to go ride

  4. jon Says:

    Are they biodegradable? I missed that part.

  5. Riley Says:

    I have never dropped my sunglasses in the water and then worried about the pollution.. Usually I am more pissed that my sunglasses are at the bottom of the lake.. Buy Watsons DRAGON glasses. They float!

  6. Spencer Says:

    Hey Mike your strings on your hoodie are uneven, just a heads up

  8. Pete Says:

    Cool, but are they Biodegradable?


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