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Mike Dowdy just signed with the CWB Pro Team and this video should explain why.
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16 Responses to “Mike Dowdy – Welcome to the Pro Team!”

  1. jb oneill Says:

    so sick dowdy!

  2. Matt Says:

    Where is the Spotter!

  3. ahhha Says:

    Can’t believe there isn’t a spotter in the boat. It is very irresponsible and setting a bad example for the kids. Such a negative representation for Connelly Wake Boards.

  4. porn Says:

    Ya i can’t believe there was no spotter, OmG

  5. blaaahhh Says:

    wow.. i can’t even believe there is no spotter. tisk tisk.

  6. andy Says:

    see that big mirror? that will probably do the job… right?

  7. joey Says:

    dowdy never falls, no need for a spotter…

  8. Bill Dance Says:

    I mean, watching the last 180 that KGB 7 is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen

  9. OTT Says:

    No Spotter needed when you have a chase boat!! DUH!

  10. Charlton Says:

    Sick video Mike! hold down bro!!!

  11. san210rider Says:

    chaseboat full of spotters. DUH

  12. ThighMaster Says:

    With thighs like his, spotters become irrelevant. Happy to see Zane employed in such a down economy.

  13. Jeff Says:

    Kid pulls it down, wow….

  14. WakeRapha Says:

    OmG, no spotter!? Shame on you all… lol!
    Congrats Mike, you’re killing it!!

  15. Ben Dover Says:


  16. Gavin Hlinsky Says:

    So first off, congrats to Dirty Dowdy. Second, for all these comments about the “spotter” i have a few theories.
    1) The filmer in the boat for the noon chase boat shots is technically a spotter. -_____-
    2) Chase boat spotters are spotting and filming. Pretty good talent right there.
    3) But my best theory tho is the spotter was trying to save the aesthetics of the shot so he was hiding in the V-drive compartment with a tiny little peep hole. He would then open the compartment if AND ONLY IF dowdy slammed.

    Hopefully this cleared up the confusion!!!

    Godspeed dowdy. way to represent the mitten!


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