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Mike Schwenne has been an ever-present source of inspiration in wakeboarding the past decade, turning simple tricks into something all his own, and teaching the groms of tomorrow to find fun in the simple tricks of this sport that we all love.

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11 Responses to “Mike Schwenne – Search for Simplicity”

  1. ricketts Says:

    I have been waiting for this all year. thank you

  2. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    so sick! killing it!

  3. photoedit Says:

    Yes, Yes. I’m sending this to a friend who doesn’t know much about wakeboarding. I want them to know what it should be. Very Nice.

  4. Schwinkle D Says:

    Schwenne is boss! Love everything about his riding but that boat is holding him back. Get him on the G and lose the corner grabs for a jaw dropping full length video part please!

  5. BAM Says:

    now thats an edit! one of kind riding and great filming!!!

  6. boomsmack Says:

    incredible style!!!! he looks so goofy on his approach but I guess that’s what it takes to have uniquie style

  7. Kyle Linsey Says:

    that is just perfect riding. I forgot what wakeboarding looked like that didn’t come from CWC or Thailand

  8. Pete Says:

    Thank god for Mike! I wish I there was a filter on alliance to only let wake videos like this come on. Nice edit Conor!

  9. Ron Says:

    Yee that really was basics

  10. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    that tuck knee tanny to b was killer!

  11. Darren Long Says:

    Mike Schwenne – Search for Easy Tricks


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