February 5th, 2013 by alliance

Mikey Ennen is no stranger to the cold waters of the Northwest so here’s a little edit from our coldblooded brother.

15 Responses to “Mikey Ennen in the Northwest”

  1. jeff house Says:

    Yeah Mikey!!!

  2. Zeech Police Says:

    Zeeeach fest…

  3. riley Says:

    Killin it son!

  4. pete Says:

    shreddin smooth as butta

  5. Mike Ennen Says:

    Positive comments – Real names. Negative comment- fake name. Whatcha hiding from bud!~

  7. Jake Southard Says:

    chea mikey, keep it up ninja

  9. don kking Says:

    True American right there

  10. Steve Says:


  11. brah Says:

    Mikey. Mikey. Mikey… There is a time in everyones life that they have to just ride for “fun”… and I think its about that time brotha. Pass on the torch!

  12. Keith Lidberg Says:

    @brah have some respect, without guys like Mikey riders now a days wouldn’t know what a method is…suck a dirty D! @mikeennen that is some of the sickest riding I have seen out of you all time! Good job homey can’t wait to shred with Front Lip this season!!

  13. tom Says:

    killing it!!! great song choice

  14. Nick Boville Says:

    Mikey kills it!!! Such a great edit!!! @keithlidberg you’re my hero!!! haha

  15. riley Says:

    Mike’s one of the last guys with the roots to true wakeboarding style. That’s what boat riding should look like.


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