August 6th, 2010 by alliance

The summer is chugging along in Minnesota. Josh Tranby and JD Webb enjoy it while it lasts!

The summer is chugging along in Minnesota. Josh Tranby and JD Webb enjoy it while it lasts!

20 Responses to “Minnesota Trick Jibbery”

  1. Devon Says:


  2. Alex Horner Says:

    CunninLynguists – Hellfire

  3. coreymarotta Says:

    Why did you haaaaaaave to flip at the end???

  4. Patrick Wieland Says:

    i loved the flip! tight video. setup looks so fun.

  5. jack olson Says:

    so sick!! Kid has potential at rails!! keep the trick jibbery coming! I bet the frontflip was a joke! Shows that he can have fun and enjoy riding. Great video

  6. Drew Boshek Says:

    the frontflip was sick!

  7. Jerome Kuntz Says:

    Josh DESTROYS it Keep em coming guys!!!

  8. Theo Koester Says:

    Yea tranby. killin it!

  9. Good on rails but... Says:

    Kid is good on rails but let’s see how he is at cable… Kickers, air tricks, boat riding? Anyone can be good at rails with a years worth of work. I don’t know who this kid is. Heard of him just starting this year. Killin it on rails & he winches which is great but… Does he do anything else?

  10. Taylor Heithold Says:

    why do people feel need to leave negative comments on peoples videos? let people ride how they want. the whole purpose is to have fun. just worry about your own riding

  11. Taylor Heithold Says:

    by the way the rail riding was sick! and i liked the frontflip…reminded me of snowboarding

  12. brotastic Says:

    anyone can be good on rails with a years worth of work?????? really? why do a lot of guys that get paid suck at them? HELL YEAH tranby, let that barney go do some ballerina spins.

  13. Mnreppin Says:

    Tranby is the man!! First year hitting rails and is straight killing it! By the way, His background is SNOWBOARDING and sSKATEBOARDING and he just started jibbing on a wakeboard this year! Kid is just having fun and isnt saying that he is a awesome cable,boat rider! Keep it up tranby! I like what your doing! Lets see more

  14. mnjibber Says:

    a years worth or work? id like to see you work on rails for a year and try to do any of these tricks. tranby kills it behind everything, rails, cable, winch, boat. maybe some people just have more fun on rails. josh has way more style and more tech tricks than henshaw or any of the other “best rail riders”. watch out for this kid. youll be seeing him alot more in the wake scene

  15. Sandro Says:

    not wearing life jackets is sooo cool!!! dieing is awesome too!!!! good job promoting stupidity AWS.

  16. hahaha Says:

    That was sick as hell!! Sandro you his dad now?

  17. gw Says:

    pretty sick jibbin… why do people “hate” on haters? everyone has their own opinion even if it is stupid. i cant stand when somebody says something negative about a edit and you get 10 people crying about it. stfu.

  18. add Says:

    gw, so what does that make you a hater cubed? just saying

  19. gw Says:

    a hater cubed?… fuck you

  20. tanner lucas Says:

    he is riding with jd dont be asking if he can do other stuff i would die to ride with jd


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