November 12th, 2013 by alliance

Check out the long form version of the first stop of the 2013 Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown at BSR. This was an incredible way to kick off the Triple Crown, the team at BSR pulled out every ounce of Texas hospitality and helped us to put on one of the best wake park events to date. Special thanks to Monster Energy, BSR, Nautique Boats, Liquid Force, Slingshot and CWB.
Check out the action.

Monster Energy WWA Wake Park Triple Crown presented by Nautique Boats

Women’s Professional
1 Schriber, Angelika SWI 91.75
2 Rick, Julia GER 90.75
3 Langman, Erika USA 80.00
4 Angus, Courtney AUS 77.50

Men’s Pro
1 Fooshee, Tom USA 95.75
2 Hasler, Matty AUS 83.50
3 Powell, Chandler USA 83.25
4 Windsor, James AUS 77.50

Pro Women Features
1 Schriber, Angelika SWI 94.25
2 Baynham, Tracy USA 89.00
3 Angus, Courtney AUS 84.75
4 Score, Alexa USA 72.00

Pro Men’s Features
1 Fooshee, Tom USA 96.25
2 Grant, Daniel THAI 89.25
3 Burress, Graham USA 81.00
4 Lariche, Jimmy USA 73.50

Wakeskate Bi-Level
1. Austin Pastura
2. Marcus Knox
3. Bret Little
4. Nick Taylor
5. Andrew Pastura
6. Aaron Reed

10 Responses to “Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown: BSR”

  1. Andrew Masi Says:

    Marcus Knox’s name is messed up with Austin Pastura’s… 6:11

  2. jon parker Says:

    Daniel Grant wearing a hyperlite vest? uh oh

  3. jon parker Says:

    at 0:55

  4. BAM Says:

    tom fooshee kills it!

  5. Jake Ramsdell Says:

    Name mistake is preeetty bad. Fix it

  6. ok Says:

    stop this zeach madness . HOE-rible tap tap knack knack zeachy bizznniiss

  7. rayfink Says:

    sick zeach by mr. shirley at 1:23

  8. Justin H. Says:

    This is a comp. I’m sure there were deductions of off-angle presses etc. You can’t keep it out of the video. It was a comp, not some 50 takes at a rail for a video part.

    Some people are so Zealous about the zeach thing that they think that by b*tching about it or calling-out pros in every video will somehow make the sport better. A better route would be to make a video and edit out the 99 out of 100 attempts at 540 transfer… Lead with your actions and not your mouth kids.

  9. wakeboarder Says:

    true Justin H. I would say Grant’s style on rails and kickers is unmatched.

  10. james Says:

    damn, andrews front big gap to backboard was insane


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