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Shane Bonifay, Jimmy LaRiche, Brian Grubb and Dallas Friday all took a trip to Chile to have some fun in the sun at the Monster Wake Jam in Chile. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to “Monster Wake Jam Chile”

  1. Turd Diddler Says:

    Seriously incredible riding, style and innovation!

  2. Zage Says:

    Chilean wakeboarding…is the best!

  3. ayala pulento Says:

    Agree with zage , and chile have the sickess places on earth

  4. BS Kim Says:

    I hope that this event should be open in South-korea ^^

  5. lol Says:

    shane bonerfay is jimmy lariche should both stop

  6. 420blaze Says:

    sweet stuff ! jimmy has got those hs 360’s on lock ! great work loves to see pros pushing it so hard

  7. haha Says:

    was that the same heel 3 from 30 angles for 3 minutes

  8. dat guy Says:

    how is this pushing it hard? this was some of the shittiest riding I have seen in a while by pros. 1 freakin crowmobe and 43242 360’s… i dont even…

  9. max Says:

    i was there competing and wake was lame so that explains those tricks, the lake was so shallow that the wake was disapointing.

    viva chile mierda!

  10. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Not a g23 haters. Its obvious there was no wake


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