(Phoenix, AZ USA) – MTX Audio proudly announces the launch of its new MTX Mobile Showroom.  This newly designed rolling showroom features the newest MTX Audio products, RTA sound pressure level (SPL) meter, flat-screen T.V. presentations, MTX marine speaker showcase, and OEM sound system upgrade demonstration all in the comfort of an air conditioned room.  

Ever thought of comparing a subwoofer enclosure to an MTX enclosure? Maybe you’ve always wondered how a factory sound system compares to an MTX system. Now you can experience those comparisons all inside this 200 square foot showroom. With a speak-on connector straight off the output of the amplifier, you can switch between any two comparable subwoofer enclosures and determine the output through the SPL meter mounted above. The output of the amplifier is in your hand, the microphone of the SPL meter is above your head, and the outcome of the head to head comparison is for you to experience.  

The OEM integration demonstration starts with a factory Bose system straight out of a 2002 Escalade. This Bose system includes the factory amplifier, speakers,  CD changer, and subwoofer. Also integrated into the system via direct connect is an iPod Nano and Sirius Satellite Radio. After listening to this system, you can upgrade your speakers to one of the three MTX speaker lines – Thunder Domeaxials, Thunder Axe Separates, and Thunder Axe High End Components. Next, you can add an amplifier and subwoofer combination to your system by replacing the factory sub and amp. With multiple MTX product solutions, you can mix and match any of these products to create the best system for any application at any budget.   

“We can prove the performance of our products,” says John Ivey, Director of Mobile Audio with Mitek Corporation. “This mobile showroom offers the ultimate sound demonstration room complete with products that customers can experience for themselves. Never before has it been easier to show customers how easy upgrading their sound system can be. The difference is clear. Go ahead and keep your factory radio, but make sure you listen to the difference with an MTX amp, sub and speaker system. Our products prove themselves.”

This new MTX mobile showroom will tour the country attending various tradeshows, dealer events, and car shows throughout 2006 and 2007. For an up-to-date event schedule, please visit www.mtx.com.