MTX Audio®, the leader in high performance mobile audio products, has revolutionized the square subwoofer market with the new TS (Thunder Square) subwoofer models. For years, there have been limited choices when it comes to purchasing square subwoofers. Now, with MTX’s revolutionary designs in this product category, MTX is making square subwoofers better than ever.

Square subwoofers have always been marketed as better than traditional round subwoofers because they have more surface area to push more air and consequently produce more output. This statement is true but when the corners of the surround limit the amount of movement or excursion the woofer can make, the reason for purchasing a square subwoofer is lost. Other square subwoofers tend to buckle at the corners during demanding use but MTX has solved this problem with a patented (Protected by United States Patent # 7,275,620) Santoprene™ surround design utilizing MTX’s roll technology that eliminates surround corner overextension thus increasing linear excursions and overall output.

MTX engineers have created a significant improvement over other square subwoofers by adding four circumferential undulations in each corner which allow the surround to flex evenly and protect the surround from buckling during cone motion. This MTX design offers a substantial improvement over prior woofers of this square shape and has been awarded a patent by the US Patent Office.

An additional unique feature MTX has added to the TS series subwoofers are four rear support bolts that reduce the amount of stress applied to the front mounting screws (when the woofer is installed horizontally) and unwanted resonant frequencies caused by everyday driving and extreme pressure inside the enclosure. The mounting bolts, since they can be used to bolt the enclosure to the back of the woofer, add greater rigidity to the enclosure. By reducing the resonant frequencies that are not associated with music reproduction, MTX’s TS series of subwoofers offer unprecedented sound quality to complement the increased output.

These new TS subwoofers come in 55 (TS55) and 75 (TS75) models that complement their round counterparts in the TR55 and TR75 lines. All MTX subwoofers are easily differentiated from other MTX lines by their series specific styling and cosmetics. TS55 subwoofers share the same style as TR55 subwoofers with a gloss black metallic cone and a silver MTX gothic logo on raised lettering. TS75 subwoofers share the same cosmetic features as their round sister model, TR75, with a black anodized aluminum cone and laser etched MTX gothic logo.

Thunder Square (TS) subwoofers are offered in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes in dual 2ohm and dual 4ohm models.

TS55 Series Subwoofers
• TS5510-22 – 10-inch subwoofer with dual 2ohm voice coil – 450watts RMS
• TS5510-44 – 10-inich subwoofer with dual 4ohm voice coil – 450watts RMS
• TS5512-22 – 12-inch subwoofer with dual 2ohm voice coil – 600watts RMS
• TS5512-44 – 12-inch subwoofer with dual 4ohm voice coil – 600watts RMS

TS75 Series Subwoofers
• TS7510-22 – 10-inch subwoofer with dual 2ohm voice coil – 600watts RMS
• TS7510-44 – 10-inch subwoofer with dual 4ohm voice coil – 600watts RMS
• TS7512-22 – 12-inch subwoofer with dual 2ohm voice coil – 750watts RMS
• TS7512-44 – 12-inch subwooer with dual 4ohm voice coil – 750watts RMS

Spider Plateau Venting and Asymmetrical Linear Drive System (ALDS) are two legendary MTX technologies that have been incorporated these features into Thunder Square subwoofers. Spider Plateau Venting allows more cool air access to the voice coil ensuring better power handling and performance. MTX’s ALDS technology provides a smooth, piston-like drive for even sound reproduction. Spider Plateau Venting and ALDS are standard technologies built into all MTX High Performance and Superwoofer products.

All of these new TS55 and TS75 series subwoofers are also available in legendary MTX pre-loaded enclosures are tuned specifically to provide allow performance from the subwoofers. They feature a side-firing super slot port, black carpet, dado/v-groove construction for incredible strength and rigidity, raised letter silver and black embossed MTX Gothic logo, and a back panel that sits at an 80 degree angle to fit closely against rear seats and trunk walls eliminating loss of open space taken up by conventional rectangular enclosures. A gloss black “double baffle” and beveled corners make for a custom look.

MTX’s new Thunder Square subwoofers are taking the audio industry by storm and setting new standards for all others to follow with new designs and performance technologies. Visit for up-to-date information regarding the new MTX Mobile Audio products and news.