With the 2012 publishing year well underway I figured it would be a good time to take a look back at all the stuff I was able to shoot last year. There are only a few things I shot at the end of 2011 that haven’t run, so this is a pretty good collection of some of my favorite images of the year. Hopefully you enjoyed seeing them in the magazine as much as I enjoyed shooting them. 2011 was a really fun year and 2012 is already off to an amazing start. Thanks to all the riders for doing what they do best and working to get the shots, thanks to chase boat drivers for putting up with silly demands that seemingly don’t change much but make a huge difference, and thanks to you all for taking a look.

For a different look at some of the stories I got to do for the mag in 2011, check these out.

Kevin Henshaw doing work in his backyard while we shot for an upcoming interview in the mag