At 10:10 this morning we got on I-5 North with Black and Blue lookin’ stylish. Late, I know but the Alliance Team had a late night –hydrating for the trip ahead. This morning we had two tasks: first, we needed to get copies of drivers’ licenses and insurance information at Kinko’s so that team Alliance could attack the road in full force. Speaking of full force, I can’t tell you how many looks we’ve gotten from while driving around this crazy Alliance rig.  I will venture to guess that the super custom graphics package (a.k.a. a couple of stickers Corey slapped on the back of Armada) is what really draws all of the attention. Task two was the six-hour jaunt up the rest of I-5 through Northern California and to the new home of Aaron Aubrey’s parents just outside Grants Pass in southern Oregon.

We were motoring on to Led Zeppelin and Atmosphere just outside of Sac-Town when it hit me; we needed Red Bull.  A quick pit stop was made and we continued blazing our trail through Northern California like settlers searching for gold, except we had a full-size SUV with DVD player and navigation system, and a boat that hasn’t been released yet.  As we were driving through Lake Shasta this afternoon, Bill called and suggested we look for a gap on the side of the I-5 in central Oregon.  We said, “okay.”
We have not seen the Gap yet.

680.4 miles into the drive north, then south, then north again (see previous post), I was released of my duties as Alliance’s Truck Driver.  Since I took over shotgun, the scenery has been nice. Nice seems like an appropriate adjective. To avoid clichés, I will not say, “no words can explain how beautiful the glassy Sacramento River looked this morning” or how “grandiose Mount Shasta seems while driving along its base.”  Check out the photos. Pretty “nice,” huh?

We got to Aaron’s parents place around 7 P.M., greeted by chicken parmesan and a whole bunch of dogs and cats. Oregon is beautiful -not Siena Miller beautiful. It is Siena Miller hot, though.  106 degrees was what the Armada’s gauges were telling me. We know how I like the Armada gauges. Tonight we are to sleep in beds for the last time before we put to use the sleeping bags and tents. Tomorrow is another butt-crack of dawn wake up for the cameras. Bedtime. Stay tuned.