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Nate Perry has obviously spent a good amount of time “boarding” recently.
“Hey are you guys boarders? I saw that tomato kid on x-games…Can you do all that?” -Typical donkey question FYI.

16 Responses to “Nate Perry Lately”

  1. boom Says:

    Nothing like some sloppy handheld camera work and some hipster Charlie Everywhere tunes

  2. Jeff Mathis Says:

    and nothing like some more anonymous hate, very refreshing. sick riding Nate.

  3. Kaesen Suyderhoud Says:

    Yeah Nate! Sick edit trevtodd!

  4. Justin Teich Says:

    Ya Nate that’s what’s good

  6. jim powers Says:

    Nate-great to see some footage of you. Really enjoyed the riding and the edit!

  7. projeks Says:

    Nate is the best. Finally some wakeboarding that looks cool. So underrated

  8. Mike Ennen Says:

    Nice work bud keep Ripping!

  9. shaun white Says:

    I am probably the best boarder, but I like nate’s trickery here. I will be sending him some tight pants soon.

  10. Reeder Says:

    yeah Nate!

  11. Kyle Says:

    1:55!!! pre spin backside pete is all I can call it but soooooo sick, totally unique trick and so much difficulty, great vid

  12. cam Says:

    so sick Nate!

  13. Northeast RIders Says:

    #Nate #winning

  14. Brad Arnold Says:

    SICK BOARDING!!! Nothing hipster about that. ‘Merica.

  15. Ryan Wells Says:

    Hey boom suck a dick, lets see you put a video out so I can say it blows please

  16. Ryan Wells Says:

    Sick riding nick, nice edit trevntodd!


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