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Over 600 Participants at Mid-Point of 2013

ORLANDO, FL – In it’s fourth year of existence the National Points Chase cable wakeboard series continues to grow to one of the largest series and events in the history of wake boarding  The rapid growth can be directly related to recent surge in Wake Parks across the country. Parks created to pull riders behind an elevated cable system has made the sport much more accessible to the masses. 17 different wake parks across the united states are taking part in the 2013 series, compared to just eight in 2010. Each park hosts a six week local series in which riders compete in one of seven different wakeboard and wakeskate divisions based on their ability. At every park the top five riders in each division will earn a spot to compete at the National Points Championship, held at Orlando Watersports ComplexSeptember 12th-15th. Last year over 225 riders competed at the 2012 final event, with so many new parks the number of participants could easily break 300.

Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) looks to be the favorite for the team portion of the competition. Riders compete individually but they also accrue team points throughout the event. Last year OWC traveled to Waco, Texas and upset two time defending champs,  Texas Ski Ranch. In 2013 over 80 different individuals have taken part in the OWC summer series, more than any other park in the country. Add that depth to the home site advantage and the other parks will have to be at their best to have a chance to steal the title from OWC. For images from each park, look no further than instagram and the hashtag #pointschase. Riders from every site can upload their images and hashtag them so friends across the country can see what is going on at other parks.


“The best part about the series is watching the kids push each other. The level of riding changes so much each year. I see kids in the intermediate division doing things that only the pros did a few years ago.” states four time WWA Wake Park Series Champion, Tom Fooshee. The King of Cable himself can be found announcing, judging and riding at the TSR weekly events if he is not out of the country competing elsewhere.  The accelerated learning rate is also evident at Cowtown wakepark where Brock Baker is currently competing in the advanced division. Last year Brock earned a podium spot in the beginner division at the National Points Championship. It is almost unprecedented for a rider to improve so much that he or she skips one or even two divisions. Brock leaped straight past the novice and intermediate divisions to move up three divisions to advanced wakeboard. Cowtown Wakepark owner Tommy Fambrough gives fair warning “Advanced Riders watch out, Brock is learning tricks at a high rate.” This kind of accelerated learning would not be possible if not for the friendships and spirited competition from local riders that is created at the weekly series. Anthony Ruch, manager at BSR adds, “Points chase has pushed riders at our park to not only advance their riding but their relationships with teammates and park employees. Its hands down the best event for riders of every skill level to better understand cable wakeboarding.” The positive feedback just keeps coming from all of the participating parks.

For a sneak peak at the action local parks have created videos and posted on vimeo: Texas Ski Ranch – Orlando Watersports Complex – Wake Nation Houston

Scores from each park at the half way point
remember only a rider’s top 4 scores will count.
Barefoot Ski Ranch  Waco, TX
Cajun X Cables  Lafayette, LA
Cowtown WakePark Fort Worth, TX
Hexagon Benson, NC
Hydrous Allen Allen, TX
Hydrous Little Elm (Last 3 events only)
KC Watersports Hillsdale, KS
McCormicks Tampa, FL
Orlando Watersports  Orlando, FL
Revolution  Fort Myers, FL
Ski Rixen Deerfield Beach, FL
Texas Ski Ranch New Braunfels, TX
Wake Compound (Postponed)
Wake Island (Last 3 events only)
Wake Nation Cincinnati, OH
Wake Nation Houston, TX
Wake Zone Oklahoma City, OK