The National Points Chase is wrapping up and the final stop of the Wake Park Triple Crown is getting started at OWC this weekend. Some of the best amateur and pro riders are colliding at Orlando’s signature cable park and the next couple of days are guaranteed to be full of entertainment. The riding kicks off Saturday at 8:30 AM with riding from the 52 registered riders in Pro Men’s Features division. Tomorrow you will also see riding from Open and Pro Women’s Features, Pro Women’s Cable, Open Men’s Features, and Open and Pro Men’s Cable. If you’re in the Orlando area make sure to come out to OWC and enjoy a weekend of insane riding as all the riders battle for the podium and the overall Triple Crown titles!


Daniel Grant in wakeskating qualifying rounds. Shocker of the century: he qualified


Nationl Points Chase action at OWC


The King Tom Fooshee will be looking to defend his Triple Crown title this weekend



Local ripper Aaron Perkins getting in on the wakeskate action


The G23 is in the house


More National Points Chase action going down


Steve Cambell


Aaron Reed


Daniel Grant is good on a wakeboard, too… in case you didn’t already know