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We know, we know. Another cable video. But this one is different. Introducing 24 year old John Broer from the Netherlands. John is a cable operator in Holland and works so he can shred. It’s guys like John that really make wakeboarding special. Work hard, play harder. Get to know John Broer. This wont be his last edit. Enjoy!

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9 Responses to “Netherlands John Broer at CWC”

  1. H.D Says:


  2. Cameron Brown Says:

    Super technical and lots of style. Awesome riding!

  3. whatwakepark Says:

    the best banana around!

  4. Tommy Swaan Says:


  5. Ian Smith Says:

    ain’t nothin wrong with another cable video, fuel the fire! sick riding too!

  6. basedgod Says:

    who cares. the wakeboard dads and the hair gel’d douchebag rich kid boat riders will get over it.

  7. jon parker Says:

    best edit i have seen from over there in a while

  9. E Says:

    Press for days. So clean. Aaaaaaand @basedgod bold assumption, i wouldn’t say every boat rider is a douchebag but that’s just me.


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